Keith and Wayne,

I wanted to say thank you and share my experiences of RC Flight Training so far.

At the age of 10 I looked to join a club in England, I went a few times but with the combination of ‘miserable old blokes’ who knew it all but wouldn’t share that knowledge (it’s power, right??!), rules for the sake of having rules and very limited training time available, I was put off, for the next 20 years!!

I found RC Flight Training online, the boyhood excitement returned at the thought of flying models so I decided to give it a whirl.  From the first phone call to Keith I was given the time to chat about all things RC, after my questions were answered, and there were many, I understood the best way to get started and go flying.

Before flying I was a little nervous at ‘having a go’ for the first time, I was quickly put at ease by a very confident Keith, assuring me he could fly my new aircraft with his eyes closed (Note: He didn’t include a safe landing in his statement though!!!)   Needless to say with the training from both Keith and Wayne, (each has a different training style but compliment each other very well) I no longer need them by my side to fly.

I have been flying with them for around 18 months now, with the monthly newsletters, the recent upgrade at the strip, more and more friendly faces around at the weekends and the consistently witty banter from the ‘cheap seats’, whilst flying, their important motto is met…..Fly For Enjoyment!

Thanks again and see you at the strip.