RC Flight Training

Testimonial 2/3/2012

Where to start? Having read the existing testimonials I see so many similarities to my own experiences. As a child in England I do not remember RC as it is today, my recollections are of friends flying control planes and wishing I could do that. As an adult I hoped to get my grandson into the hobby and so bought a trainer, we then headed down to the local oval to give it a go, with very mixed results I might add. Sure we got it into the air, and occasionally got it down again, but more often than not we were savagely attacked by vicious trees or strange winds, that caused tip stalls and crashes.

So this is where Keith and Wayne came to the rescue, because it doesn’t matter how many videos you watch, or how many hours you spend on a pc flight trainer (although I reckon they do help a bit). There is no substitute for having an experienced trainer standing next to you, giving sound advice and having a buddy box to get you out of trouble as you learn the basics.

The instruction you receive is clear, helpful and geared to each students abilities and pace, they are both excellent flyers and Instructors, what more could you ask for. Plus the bonus that everyone I have met that flies with them, has been helpful and friendly

I am flying solo now thanks to their wonderful help, I still have a lot to learn, however I am confident that no matter what crops up in the future, I can happily turn to them for the best advice possible

Many many thanks