Barry Veale

Barry Veale

After two years of attempting to learn to fly RC planes frustration was beginning to set in.  I was thinking of quitting when I noticed the advert for RC Flight Training in a magazine.

A phone call and discussion with Keith had me booked in for the five day Fast Track course.

Come the time I packed the camper and plane and headed for the airfield east of Melbourne.

Day one Keith and I checked each other out, rules explained etc.  Day two still nervous but settling in.  By the end of day three I felt that with Keith and Wayne’s personal approach I was getting somewhere. Day four is when it started to all come together, takeoff’s were ok and by the end of the day landing was near the strip but solo.

Day five on my transmitter was the reality day, no backup. With sweaty palms and shaking hands I took off, did a couple of circuits and brought it safely home.  Boy what a rush, after two years to be able to do it by myself.

Thanks to Keith and Wayne for their patience and encouragement.  Best money I’ve spent in a long time and would highly recommend this Fast Track course to anyone who wants to get up into the air on their own.