Student Pilot Gift Certificate

Student Pilot Gift Certificate

Student Pilot Gift Certificate
Student Pilot Gift Certificate

Course Time: 30 Days

$400 Incl. GST

Student Pilot Gift Certificate

Student Pilot Gift Certificate – Give a Gift of Radio Controlled Model Aircraft Training to Another Person

Very important: Use your own email address when filling out the Student Application Form and we will change this after you have given the certificate to the lucky person. Once you have completed the online Student Application Form and made the payment we will contact you for the details to put on the certificate or you can email us

This course is designed for students wanting to learn at a slower pace than the fast track. Training is carried out by booking the morning (9am until about 12.00am) afternoon ( 1.00pm until about 4.30 pm) or the full day which is both the morning and afternoon time slots. The maximum training is usually limited to two full days per week.

This course would normally be suited to those living in or around Melbourne that are happy to travel to the flying field each day.

Booking this course allows you enter the members area on and select the days you want to fly. Our online calendar allows you select any Saturday or Sunday or as many weekend days during the three months. This means you get up to 26 days flying lessons days for you $400.00. You get the choice of full days or half days. That gives you up to 139 hours of flight training for $400.00.

How long does it take to learn? This one is very hard to answer because we all learn at different rates but based on our experience the quickest people have been in around 22 hours

The aim of this course is to give you as much training as we believe possible to send you solo. We watch you take off, fly and carry out a successful landing. If it takes 3 days or 26 days flying this course is only limited to learning within 3 months. Once you have completed your Solo flight your training is complete, and you are welcome to join as a full member.

Buddy System of Teaching

In today’s days of transmitters from all over the world we are committed to the “Buddy” system of teaching. The instructor can instantly take back control (but only when absolutely necessary) so that you can focus on learning with less anxiety until your skills have increased.

We can use our aircraft for the first few flights to enable you to confidently control the aircraft. When you are ready we “Buddy” your transmitter and use your aircraft.

We train using the “buddy” system. The student controls the air plane with a transmitter connected by a cord or the new Futaba Wireless System to the instructor’s transmitter. You’ll also have much more time to think through and recover from your own mistakes, thus learn from them and build confidence in your control skills to return home with. If your aircraft is not compatible with our Futaba System you will need a different receiver and these cost as little as $30.00. We are happy to advice on which type is required.

We use your aircraft so that you learn on the aircraft that you will be flying on your own. If you don’t own an aircraft we can arrange for the use of ours for a small fee.

If you don’t own an aircraft and want to get started all the better, we are happy to advice you on the choice of aircraft and equipment required. Simply book in as a student, book your first flying lesson and start on your exciting new hobby. We can assist with the construct help you may require.

Any questions please ring on 0403 728 469

This course is designed for Model  Aircraft

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