Student Fast Track

Student Fast Track

Student Fast Track

Course Time: 5 Days

$1350 Incl. GST

This course is designed to give 5 days of flight training and allow the student to go solo. The flying day is based on 9.00am until 4.00pm for a Wednesday to Sunday. We do not offer a refund on the fees for this course. Realising some Fast Track Students have travelled 3000k or more to carry out their training, we recommend allowing for extra flying on the Monday following the weeks flying.  If more time is required we will start earlier in the morning and finish a bit later as required.
It would be usual for out of state and overseas visitors to make this type of booking. Unless training a group by arrangement we do not have more than 2 students per instructors on the Fast Track Student training course.

In today’s days of transmitters from all over the world we are committed to the “Buddy” system of teaching. The instructor can instantly take back control (but only when absolutely necessary) so that you can focus on learning with less anxiety until your skills have increased.

NOTE This Course does not include the use of one of our model aircraft, you must supply your own aircraft, fuel and equipment.

You can book the training dates required online by making a Student Booking once the fee courses have been paid and we confirm the dates you require by email.

Do you have any queries? Contact our Flight Instructors!

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