RC Flight Training Aerobatics Course

RC Flight Training Aerobatics Course

Radio Controlled Pilot New Membership
RC Flight Training Aerobatics Course

Course Time: 10 Days

$300 Incl. GST

RC Flight Training Aerobatics Course

After settling in on your flying model and enjoying the friendship and coffee challenge yourself to the next level. Carry out the RC Flight Training Aerobatics Course.

The pilot must be comfortably able to control a Radio Controlled Model Aircraft, including flying left and right hand circuits. As part of this course the pilot will be starting by flying straight lines both horizontal, left and right and vertically up and down.

Open up your thumbs to learn the thrill of pushing the sticks to maximum throws. Even better flick the switch and put the throw rates to high rates. Feel the blood pump as your flying skills increase and you push a model aircraft at the ground.

This course is designed to give you the minimum of 10 hours airtime training spread over a period of time not exceeding 3 months

To undertake this course you must own your own aircraft and flying equipment.

The following manoeuvres will be included in this course :

Straight and level flight from left and right



Inverted Flight

Cuban 8


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