Fly Mid Week Packages Course

Fly Mid Week Packages Course

Fly Mid Week Packages Course

Course Time: 30 Days

$1600 Incl. GST


Radio Controlled Model Aircraft Mid Week Course Complete Package

Included in this course is:

Supply of a Radio Controlled Model Aircraft.

Supply of a Transmitter.

Classroom theory instruction

Learning to fly


Designed as a package deal to provide all the costs associated with learning to fly including all equipment and training.


Training starts in our clubrooms firstly with a safety briefing about the use of all equipment and the safety procedures required at the airfield

The aircraft are unpacked and each student is guided through the assemble of their aircraft

Once assembled each student is shown how to set up the transmitter and bind the receiver, plug in the speed controller and servos.

Once assemble has been completed 5 days learning how to fly are also included.

The Aircraft is a full equipped E-Flight Apprentice



The Transmitter is a Futaba 6J

1428649643_Futaba 6J


The next course is starting on the 29th of April 2015

Dates include 29th and 30th of April, 6th 7th and 13th of May

Courses are based on a maximum of 4 students

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