Dual Strut Nose Gear (Model RF400)

Dual Strut Nose Gear (Model RF400)

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Dual Strut Nose Gear (Model RF400)


Product Description

Fults Duel Nose Gear

These Dual Struts are the most popular, featuring the cam-lock steering arm. When used below the fuselage, set screw is not required. The large extended pivot shaft gives added strut support and can be used in an engine mount installation.

These are exceptionally strong nose wheel legs that we have used and tested for more than 2 years flying students at www.RCFlightTraining.com.au. We have used these undercarriage legs on 40 size low wing trainers, 60 size Boomerangs, large size Ugly Stick (.95 engine) and lots more. They have proved there worth time and time again in taking the hard landings.

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