Welcome to New Student Phipps

Welcome to New Student Phipps




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Welcome to New Student Phipps New Student Pilot in Jan 2017

What a great weekend of flying. Firstly welcome to Phipps who has joined rcflighttraining as a new student pilot.

Saturday we proved what happens when the faulty battery connection fails and the least said about the retrieval of an aircraft from the top of a 25 metre tall tree the better. (We did get it back.)

Sunday saw a great turn out of flying mates giving each other some lovely words of encouragement. It was so good to see every flying table full and all the ground aircraft holders in use.

Angelo help Phipps assemble his Apprentice training aircraft and the teaching began. Phipps managed some rough looking circuits and a couple of great looking 90 degree corners

A solid start to build from well done.

Jeff was seen trying to extend the aerial on his brand new Futaba 14 2.4GHz transmitter (retired his 36)

What a great bunch of guys with a diversified collection of flying machines

Thanks for a great weekend.