Phipps put the instructor to the Test

Phipps put the instructor to the Test




RC Flight Admin

Phipps put the instructor to the Test

Many thanks to Phipps for today suppling some very challenging flying conditions. A very light 90 degree cross wind swung round to a good breeze right down the runway.
While learning to carry out circuits the out of bounds area directly over our heads came looming up again, I took control and turned it away upon which big trouble struck. The aircraft dropped the right wing like a brick. A quick Pan Pan called to alert I was now in trouble. With full opposite input I manage to right the Apprentice. Following one full circuit i worked out what control I had and declared a Mayday for the landing. Lookout everyone a challenging landing is coming up.
It landed in one piece on the runway. The right aileron locked in the hard up position. Turned out the servo lead hadn’t been correctly connected and the control wire lost contact.

A few flights later on the takeoff the left wheel hub pulled apart and both hub and tire turned sideways. To late abort the takeoff the airframe shook as it was pulled skywards. At least the landing is 15 to 20 minutes away so we can still fly. It landed well but sorry no taxiing.

More learning tomorrow