Keith Francis

Started off as a teenager with the construction of basic stick kit-set control planes, while I constructed quite a few (owing to the ground consuming them) it wasn’t’ until I constructed a scratch build spitfire (42”) with a three line handle enabling throttle control that I managed to loop and fly inverted. During these times the engines sizes were very much smaller than today’s engines with the .15 being about the usual size. I also remember the hours spent flicking over the small diesel adjusting the compression what seemed like 1 million times. It wasn’t until my son had a school project to construct something out of balsa wood that I dug out the old engines and plans. We constructed a control line plane and away we went. Well as things happen it was my wife that purchased me a small foam radio controlled Cessna powered by a full screaming Cox .09 engine. I actually managed to carry out quite a few flights with it. Just hand throw and make Read More…

Wayne Francis

I will start off with some of my earliest memories of flying. To start with I remember learning to fly a control line plane. I must have been round the age of 10-11. it was a bright yellow jet style plane with a very loud 0.15 size motor with no muffler. I don’t really remember the build too much but I do remember helping put on the water soaked decals with Dad. On my first few flights Dad stood in the middle of the circle with me and guided me and my hand through a few flights. I can always remember what happened next. One nice fine morning I got up early and it was calm and sunny so I asked Dad if we could take out the control line plane. He said sure he would get out of bed (doing God knows what) later and come with me. He told me to get it ready and check the motor was going to run. I set it all up and Read More…

Peter Anderson

Jeff Galyer

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Rick Bulleyment

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