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Brendan's Solo

A great day for Brendan ...
Jeff's going for it

Seen at the airfield .. ...

Posted On : 11/15/2014 by Debroy
I've got my wings!
Posted On : 11/01/2014 by Brendan

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One of the best training Systems ever produced
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Cessna Agwagon

Cessna Agwagon

As it turned out its very well for its intented purpose. Its been the work horse for using different propellers including two and three blades. The trusted Watt Meter been getting a real work out with this one.

Cessna C 188 AG Wagon. The AG Wagon Is An Agricultural Aircraft Designed For the Practical use Of Crop Dusting. It Has Operating Flaps, The Same Famous Wing Tips, And Even Comes With A Scale Pilot



Wingspan: 1800mm
Length: 1300mm

Weight: 3000gm
Electric Motor: 1000 Watt+
Radio required: 7 channels,  7 servos

Do you need a flying strip in Casey, Melbourne?