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Brendan's Solo

A great day for Brendan ...

Posted On : 11/15/2014 by Debroy
I've got my wings!
Posted On : 11/01/2014 by Brendan

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Welcome to RC Flight Training

Last Up Dated 23/05/2015


Today is the day, the second clubhouse 12 metre shipping container is delivered to site. A little bit more work and I will get the new bifolding doors open on the long side facing the runway.


May has been the extremes in weather with one week written off completely and the the next with sunny, no wind days and plenty of flying.

This container will be set up as a lockable deck area providing plenty of shelter out of the weather for people and and aircraft.



We have introduced some new learning to fly packages

  • We have bought back the Five Day Fast Track System in two different formats. One is learning to fly using your existing aircraft and equipment and the other is designed for a student that is brand new to learning and provides the complete package for all equipment and flying lessons.

  • A brand new mid-week course has also now been included. This course is designed for teaching the total assembly of an ARF aircraft, the set up and linking of a transmitter and learning to fly on a Wednesday and Thursday. A complete package designed to take a student from on knowledge to flying solo.


Club House

The storage end now has its shelves and cupboards installed and bank for batteries are consistently being recharged by the solar panel. A metal shelf has been installed on outside to allow us to recharge our batteries.

Kitchen cupboards have been installed in the clubhouse and the tables and chairs are working well. A timber deck area is due for construction shortly and its all looking great.


The main purpose for RC Flight Training will not be lost in red tape and power games. We are all there to fly for our own enjoyment and that's what we do.

To this end I personally don't get to fly my own aircraft very often but have the pleasure of teaching a wide range of students and flying there aircraft. The pleasure given to the new students when their pride and joy is finally airborne is priceless. We all know that's when the the hard work starts but at least the journey has begun.


We welcome existing pilots to join in the fun with us and sign up for membership. The membership is based on an annual fee and you are supplied with a gate key. The field is yours to use 365 days a year. Onsite power is available for charging batteries.


Our flying site is well over 450 acres and we cater for the following.


  • Electric Aircraft
  • Methanol Aircraft
  • Petrol Aircraft
  • Gliders
  • Helicopter
  • Tricopters
  • Quadcopters
  • Hexcopters
  • Octcopters
  • Drones


No noise restrictions are in place, but wise to use some sort of muffler.


We know that our teaching is very formal, based on full size aircraft training, but we believe its produces the very best rc pilots. It lays a very strong foundation to allow the pilots to progress onto the other disciplines of flying.

The runway becomes Hugh with practice and we lay the challenge to our pilots to carry out 5 touch and goes in a row on the concrete runway. If you miss on one your score resets a zero and you start all over again. 



Barry and his jet that was given its maiden flight while we all watched on up in Woorndoo.

(Barry was a very successful 5 day fast track student)





Do you need a location to fly from?

Location: Tuckers Road, Clyde North, Melway Ref:135 E3

Our lovely flying field and surrounding area.